COVID-19 Studio Protocols

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Last updated: 7/27/2022

Welcome to the dance floor!

Safe • Clean

Comfortable • Enjoyable

What you'll need to know before coming to the studio:

WE ARE A JUDGEMENT-FREE ZONE. Come dance and enjoy in our safe, clean, comfortable and judgement-free studio!


Please feel free to do what makes you feel comfortable.



• Please wait 10 days from the last day of symptoms before coming to dance if you have been sick or been around anyone who has been sick. You can return earlier if you have no symptoms and have a negative Covid test. Thank you for helping to keep our dance community safer.

Our studio is a great dance community full of dancers and friends learning to dance. We rotate partners at our studio Group Lessons and Parties to get the best learning experience. Enjoy, whether you are an individual or a couple, we all rotate partners so everyone gets a chance to dance. If you are not yet comfortable rotating, that is fine too. 

• We have several industrial sized air cleaners throughout our large 5,000 square foot studio, even in the bathrooms and common areas.

Our staff has requested we mention: All instructors are fully vaccinated for your protection and if you would like them to mask up for your lesson, they absolutely will.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us and we will be happy to talk with you.

Bryan and Mari Bowen

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Please bring a pair of clean, dry shoes to change into while you dance to help protect the dance floor and give you the best dancing experience.

See our shoes policy for details.