COVID-19 Studio Protocols

Last updated: 7/31/2021


Welcome to the dance floor!

Safe • Clean

Comfortable • Enjoyable

What you'll need to know before coming to the studio:

• As of 8/1/2021, Face Masks are REQUIRED BY ALL, REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS.  This is due to the Delta Variant and the close-contact nature of our business. This will be strictly enforced, in order to keep us all safer and our business open. This way, all our services & events can remain fully functioning too! Thank you for your patience and courtesy to your dance family.

• We hold hands when we dance, therefore, HANDS MUST BE SANITIZED.

Covid Screening Questions (see below) apply to all who enter the studio, each and every time.

• Water fountains and coffee are available. Please bring your own beverages if needed. Food is not permitted at this time.

You might want to bring a partner to dance with, just in case many of our students are not yet ready to switch partners in the Groups or Parties.

• We have several industrial sized air cleaners throughout our large 5,000 square foot studio, even in the bathrooms and common areas.

Every staff member also follows these same guidelines and also has daily screenings upon coming into work. Our staff has requested we mention: All instructors are fully vaccinated for your protection.

• We are offering ALL of our services again! WELCOME!

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us and we will be happy to talk with you.

Bryan and Mari Bowen