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Bride and Groom First Dance

Wedding Dance Packages


Let our experienced instructors get you ready for your first dance. We will make it special & memorable, but more importantly, enjoyable! Whether your vision is a simple slow dance, an elegant waltz or a spicy salsa, Dance on Main instructors have you covered! We can even teach your entire wedding party with our Semi-Private package!  Let's make your wedding dance vision come to life!

Bride & Groom First Dance

Bridal Party Dance

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance

...and more!

Call us for your complimentary consultation!

Wedding Packages

Private Lessons for Bride & Groom or for any wedding or choreography related dances.

All packages of 3 lessons or more also include music editing of your special song! 

-  Ala Carte

1 Lesson $89   This lesson covers the basics of a formal dance, such as frame & positioning and a simple step or two.

-  Simplicity

3 Lesson Package  $265   This package covers the basics of a formal dance, such as frame & positioning plus provides 2 additional lessons for customizing your dance to your wedding song, add a few steps to create movement and finish with a beautiful, picture-perfect ending.

- Romance (most popular option)

5 Lesson Package  $440   All of the Simplicity package plus finishing touches and a little something special to create still a simple, but beautiful first dance. With a nice walk-on entrance, add a spin or 2 in the middle & finish with a memorable ending, the Romance package is our most popular.

- Memorable

10 Lesson Package  $850   With the Memorable Package you will receive a more customized piece, lightly choreographed with all of the Romance package and a little more, for a truly memorable first dance. Having 10 lessons will help you feel the most comfortable & the most prepared out there, so you can forget your feet and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime moment. **With the Memorable Package, you can also split these lessons between anyone in your wedding party, such as Father/Bride, Mother/Groom.**

(This pricing is also good for any 2 people in wedding, such as Mother/Son, Father/Daughter)

The Intro Package we offer is not available to use on wedding -choreography- lessons, due to the highly customized nature of wedding lessons. However, the Intro Package can be used for general learning to dance. Call us for details and to create a plan just for you!

Semi-Private Lessons: (for your wedding party or guests!)

3-6 students     $140 per lesson     

7-10 students   $180 per lesson      

11-14 students   $210 per lesson     

Over 14 people, call us for a special rental rate!

Discounts on a package of 6 lessons or more

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